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A plain English perspective of the origins, definitions, theory, principles and practices of transpersonal psychology and therapy as alternative systemic practices for personal and spiritual growth, transformation and self healing .. and the outcome of the emergence of one's hu-man nature

the transpersonal notebooks

Transpersonal means simply 'beyond the personality' or the persona; it transcends the personal; it is transindividual. Transpersonal can also specifically designate a form of psychology, psychotherapy or counselling which seeks to combine elements from many esoteric and religious traditions with modern science, ideas and techniques.

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Transpersonal definition : The only separation of the races, creeds, cultures, and spiritualities of humanity is in the personality.

Transpersonal is the 'melting pot' -- the meeting point of all spiritualities, philosophies, religions, and healing modalities of East and West, ancient and modern in the 'divine' union of the masculine and the feminine.

This website seeks to facilitate you to move beyond who you think you are in the moment to discover a new thinker in the next - until there is no identifiable personality which reacts.


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