guru definition; the students search for the teacher who comes when the little ego surrenders to inner wisdom

Guru and Disciple -- the teacher comes when the student is ready

the true teacher cannot teach you anything
but can only re-mind you of what, on some level, you already know
but have forgotten

the true GURU is within you

The Sanskrit phonetics gu + ru mean together "dispeller ofdarkness". When you spell the word out in English, it says "gee, you are you".

In other words, the ESSENCE behind every "true" guru is that you should find that "guru" within yourself.

Sai Baba is within you, Muktananda is within you, Chidvalasanda is with you, Yogananda is within you, Buddha is within you .. and Jesus. correctly pronounced, says "Yes-us" ..or, "Yes-you"

These archetypes exist in you as your true SELF and what you are drawn towards is their reflection. If you listen very carefully to the message, it is always "follow the guru" NOT "follow Sri-what's-his-name"

the teacher comes when the little ego is ready

guess I was lucky in that, when I personally met some of these people (and several others), I was told "NEVER become my disciple" ..

the true meaning of the "disciple" and having Faith is that it is the "ego" with a small 'e' that is the follower of the "guru" which is the Ego (with a capital 'E').

In essence, in writing this site, I am following another well known figure who told me to become the "wandering monk"; that could have meant wearing a shawl and wandering round the countries preaching to the masses as a renunciate .. or it could mean looking at a deeper meaning of the words "wandering" and "monk" and finding that, in essence, I am sitting in the comfort of a suburban house, with very little attachment to anyone or anything, writing to people all around the world .. again, detached from any outcome.

The English Psyche is trapped into looking for a "Father" or "guru" somewhere "out there" .. and thereason for this can be found in "deadheroines".

Most are told that you can never dream of the guru and that the guru will only come when he ors he thinks of you ... but then, the guru IS you .. that inner aspect of the "Self" that is underneath the conditioned mind and the conditioned thinking process. Fritz Perls started a process called "Gestalt" .. where one uses the principle that EVERYTHING that comes to us is a reflection of something inside of us.

The same can be said for every spiritual (TM reg Vaticorp) myth and Legend; there is no translation for Ba (as in "Baba") because Ba is the "guru"; there is no translation for YHWH because YHWH is the Eternal Principle; the literal translation of the word Tao is "The Way"; the "Christ" exists in everyone as their true Self (Yes, you are you) .. the inner "guru"; and this is "the dreamer" or the Nagual .. and every spiritual story is merely Man's way of explaining the principles and the process .. no more, no less.


a person needs something to believe in, because they have been taught not to believe in their true Self

The Astral dream world (the Transpersonal bands of consciousness) is the result of Man's corruption of the process; there are no "darkbrothers", there is no "evil" ... these are the result of the mind (collective 'ego') illusion that one (little me) is separate from (has fallen from) "grace" (Union, Yoga, YhWh, Christ, etc etc) and that the way home to Shamballah, the Garden of Eden is by confronting the Fiery Sword of one's ownself judgment as the "Battle that must be fought" (Jihad) along the principles outlined in the Bardos Thosgol - the Great Book of Living and Dying (Not the Tibetan book of the dead).

and this is why the meditation posted in the support section of this site work .. and why they are free ..

the real cost is surrendering the mind's inflation .. the ego surrendering in Faith to the essence of what is already inside you .. what you already are ..

For so many people, this is what is revealed on the death bed .. that it is the inner Self that is "god" .. the one to whom all things are sacrificed and the one to whom the ego owes allegiance for its life's experience.

"Guru and Disciple -- the teacher comes when the student is ready"
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