the meaning of the phrase living in the moment with definitions of the moment that you are living in according to different spiritual philosophies.

Living in the Moment -- what does it mean and, are you?

What is a moment?
How could a person ever not be living in one?
How far does a moment extend in time and space?

If every moment is immediately gone, immediately vanishes as moment of time -- then how can you think you can live in a moment at all?

Isn't it the case that by the time you are aware of the moment that you think you are trying to "live totally in" -- it is already gone?

How can you live "totally" in something that totally vanishes -- has already vanished?

If I burn my finger on a stove -- and then, a second later, become aware of that burn -- which moment am I supposed to live totally in -- the moment when I burnt my finger or the moment when I become aware that I burnt my finger?

If it is the moment when something happens -- then how I am supposed to live totally in a moment which has events that am not yet aware of?

If I am supposed to live totally in the moment of my awareness, then that total living is focused on events that are not really happening -- they happened in the past. How can I live totally something that is no longer there?

Actually, since all sensory input takes time to traverse material reality and to traverse my sensory systems -- then then the moment I am living totally in is not there at all; it is past.

Its all in the mind

In fact, it only exists in my "mind" -- my "mind" being the focused synthesis of varying inputs that are somehow brought into consciousness, combined as an experience and translated into thought.

What I perceive as "experience", is a prejudiced synthetic creation of my personal thought process, is really all there is for me .. and, it is unique to me.

My 'I" and my experience are mutually interpenetrating. But how could I ever be outside this mutualizing penetration?

How could I ever NOT be in this moment that is "I"?

If my thoughts are "elsewhere" from what is immediately present -- then how are those thoughts actually separate from the moment I am in?

Why aren't these thoughts or my attention valid components of this moment? How could I ever not totally live this moment?

But again, since this moment is already gone, then how can I live it at all?

But, THIS MOMENT IS -- Eternal

Given that this moment could be broken down, and also extended, into an infinite number of holons within holons within holons -- all interlocking and mutually dependent yet defining a network
that literally extends from the atomic to the cosmic, from the origin of the universe to this point right now -- then how can I be asked to "totally live" all of that.

But, how do you think you can live OUTSIDE of THAT

Does 'totally living a moment" require me to be conscious of all that?

But how?How is "this moment' to be distinguished from "that moment?"

Every moment is "THIS MOMENT"

every "here and now" is a "HERE AND NOW." Where is the demarcation line between this "here and now" and that "HERE AND NOW?"

Since the terms "moment" and "here" and "now" are all universals -- they refer to any and all moments, heres, and nows -- then how does saying "this moment" become distinguished so as to be totally livable, as opposed to any other moment that might obscure or pollute this "moment."

What makes THIS MOMENT this moment?

Trans-Personally, we are THAT conscious

Very simply ..
Trans-Personally, we are THAT conscious ...
we have always been THAT consciousness ...
we will always be THAT consciousness ...

This is the ETERNAL MOMENT -- beyond time and space

our prejudiced attention to a fragment is our limitation, our segregation and the dis-ease of the personality mind.

Essentially, the eternal moment is the only thing that IS;
this IS the way of BE-ing;
IT is Christ Consciousness
IT is Buddha mind
IT is 's'ku' of the Tibetan

IT is the realm of the Shaman ...
IT is the essence of "all that is", omniscience, omnipotence
and without IT's experience at a personal level,
one can never truly KNOW love or compassion

IT is the Transpersonal Self

and all that has been wronged by the greed for power, the politics and the personality of religion the belief structures that man has created all of the moral certitudes that have evolved as law

IT's Gothic root is 'gheu'.
IT's Sanskrit root is 'hub' or 'emu'

and before Latin created 'Deus', there was 'numen' in everything

IT is the Hu of Hu-man from the Bonn roots 'hutá'
(That which sacrifices itself to everything and that to which everything is sacrificed)

IT is the BREATH of the breather in the act of breathing the breathed -- the "Alpha and the Omega"

IT is I AM -- Om Tat Sat -- Eyah Asher Eyah -- I AM - THAT

Thank you for this moment

Thank you for taking "this moment" to read this ... but "this moment" is already gone by the time you read it --

so "this moment" must be referring to some moment that does not exist because according to your attention, it is either past or future.

Where will it exist? When will it exist?
Will it exist at all for you?

What do you hold onto as a belief which you call your "truth" which limits your experience of life -- here and now?

"Living in the Moment -- what does it mean and, are you?"
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  … updated 21st March 2011.

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