personality is based on words and language we use - the beliefs of our world are built upon the illusory images of millions of events and decisions that occurred in the past.

Personality -- words frozen in time, the power of the past

The words and language we use - the beliefs of our everyday world are built upon the illusory images of millions of events and decisions that occurred in the past. This is the basis for what we call personality.

The Power of the Past

Were I an artist, I could paint a picture. Were I a musician, I could create a piece of music to convey the essence. Being none of these, words are the vehicle of my expression for those who can read.

But, the use of the words is limiting because to capture into words is to freeze into words in the moment, that which is Fluid Truth.

A stream is not a stream when it is frozen, yet even the frozen stream has potential for it contains the essence of the stream which only requires the energy of heat to thaw so that the stream can flow again.

Every "now" moment, the past is recreated in the present.

if you think about it, the past has always been more important than the present. The present is like a coral island that sticks above the water, but it is built upon millions of dead corals under the surface, that no one sees.

In the same way, our personality and what we present to our everyday world is built upon millions and millions of events and decisions that occurred in the past. And what we add in the present is trivial.

A teenager has breakfast, then goes to the store to buy the latest CD of a new band.

The kid thinks he lives in a modern moment.
But who has defined what a 'band' is?
Who has defined a 'store?'
Who defined a 'teenager?'
Or 'breakfast'?

To say nothing of all the rest, the kid's entire social setting-family, school, clothing, transportation and government.

None of this has been decided in the present. Most of it was decided hundreds of years ago. Five hundred years, a thousand years.

This teenager is sitting on top of a mountain that is the past. And he never notices it. He is ruled by what he never sees, never thinks about, doesn't know. It is a form of coercion that is accepted without question.

The same kid is sceptical of other forms of control - parental restrictions, commercial messages, government laws. But the invisible rule of the past, which decides nearly everything in his life, goes unquestioned

personality and consciousness

The "Law of Impermanence" says that every person reading this will be dead will be dead in 100years.

Yet, what you say, what you think, what you write lives on .. as an electromagnetic vibration, or an energy which has potential, shape, form, colour, sound, smell, taste .. a vibration which can be found in all harmonics of the whole electromagnetic spectrum which makes up Universal Consciousness.

Just as everything thought, spoken, written or sung in the past lives on .. just waiting to be activated by the right environment.

This living past exists in the hologram in the cells in our physical bodies .. and in the ethers. The microcosm and the macrocosm .. As Above .. So Below.

Personality is the resonance pattern we set up to bring the two vibrations together, and so the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the past are re-created in the present.

free will, personality and personal translations

The personality mind can only translate the past based on the data that has been programmed into it; interpretation is based on the patterns of the past that create the personal comfort zone.

"Freedom is just another word for no-thing left to lose"

Moving away from the past means moving beyond the comfort zone of the personality and to allow that every thought, feeling or emotional discomfort that surfaces is some past pattern that has been broken.

Many who attempt translations of the past, base their interpretation of the vibrations on what they know. Some allow their own fear, society fears, and their own sense of separation to colour theirinterpretation.

The personality that limits its existence by what it does not want to hear (or unconditionally accept in the moment) has no free will.

personality needs authority for being

We have seen words written by so-called ′great′ Psychologists and Philosophers which have been analysed by the academics to find something that can be taught.

Even the worlds "Sacred Texts" have been intellectualised and analysed with debates and games being played with the words taken out of context so that, over time, the original meaning has been lost, distorted or deliberately corrupted.

Personality cannot be taught (or learn) The Transpersonal Essence behind the "frozen" written word .. for the simple reason that personality is mind's attempt to escape from the innate intelligence of what the Transpersonal Self already knows.

"Personality -- words frozen in time, the power of the past"
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  … updated 21st March 2011.

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