multiple pointing fingers provide transpersonal meanings of life, spirituality, personal development, self-healing and self-understanding

The Pointing Finger -- transpersonal in words is not the real transpersonal

from a very young age, the child was conditioned into studying the finger rather than being encouraged to follow it to see what it is pointing at

that which is beyond seeing and being seen

People have long made sense of their world by telling stories. At the Transpersonal Level, part of what I "do" is tell stories. Some of these stories (or Pointing Fingers) may move you. Some may not. But, the stories that I write are not random .. they are about (and from) what people tell me in their own way about themselves - often without realizing that they are doing so.

Stories are non-objective - understood as a whole and, from them, we extract a meaning that is personal to us - one that is relevant to our own concerns - genetic history, our conception, gestation, birth and our upbringing.

The root of all our beliefs is based on stories or ancient myths which were designed for the people of the time to put the mind in accord with the body and a person's way of life in accord with the dictates of natural order. They too, were Pointing Fingers.

each pointing finger works in its individual and personal way.

What one person may learn from a story may be completely different from what another learns - it depends on our backgrounds, our cultural situation, our vocabulary, our hopes and fears and, our ability to listen -- and our inherent life purpose.

The "right" side of our brain, our "intuitive" and "imaginative" side learns best by stories.
The left side - rational, deductive and intellectual in its reasoning, connects easily to techniques, principles, explanations and step by step processes.


Stories are a vehicle through which we can connect to each other's experience - regardless of time and place. Sometimes left brain, due to its conditioning has forgotten the "possibilities" .. and often it does not "be-live" them.

pointing fingers are the essence of the transpersonal

Stories move beyond the "identity sense" or the personality. Because they are non-objective, they do not connect with the logical brain, the "self-preservation" mechanism gets bypassed and there is often a reaction which may not "seem" rational .. but which is the "release" you have when you don't know you are having a "release".

I write Pointing Fingers in a manner that allows your "identification" with something you have "known" all of your life .. but, because society tells us all of the time how to "do" things and what things are, we have not necessarily been able to allow the expression of our inner knowing. Any reactions you may have here are your response to being reminded of what you already know.

As long as the left brain understands that this is happening and doesn't interfere, no further processing is necessary .. the "allowing" has been catalysed and is a self sustaining transpersonal "happening".

Allowing is something that can be contagious .. if it is allowed to be..

The Pointing Fingers presented on this site are not authorities. They may not, themselves give answers to your specific questions. They point to reality as a non-objectifiable principle

There is a reason for that .. they are written to remind you that the only reason your question exists is because you need some confirmation of what you already know and have not quite been ready to accept ...

"The Pointing Finger -- transpersonal in words is not the real transpersonal"
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  … updated 21st March 2011.

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