The Transpersonal mind is not linear but is able to process data from many different sensors -- not linearly but through multithreading; when linear mind tries to observe this multithreading, it seems like chaos ... but there is a distinct order and relationship between all of the dimensions of this seeming chaos.

Background to the transpersonal notebooks -- of men, minds and fish

One of the issues that I have had in my own "Transpersonal Journey" is that I have had experiences which defy explanation within the English Spiritual Philosophy and the English Transpersonal debate.

I have found too, that English translations of the Eastern Texts don't explain things either; what I am presented with is the Language of Christian Based Spirituality, Religious Latin, Eastern words which some have tried to explain in Western Spiritual terms ... and then, a scientific attempt to explore the transpersonal.

How do I explain

How do I explain that in the state of what call "meditation" I am able to enter a state where I present "clinical death" (flat-line) to the current abilities of the medical profession to measure such things .. and that I can enter and leave that space at will.

How do I explain that, in that "space" I can remain fully 'aware' of everything that is happening around me and that it appears as in 'slow motion' ... yet, at the same time I am aware of an interwoven fabric of sights, sound, tastes and smells that is not only present to my conscious senses but which others in the room with me are not aware of either.

I can find answers in the Eastern Texts .. but, not through the Westernised versions of their "spiritualities".

Meditation, intrinsically, is the art of doing nothing and being everything .. a state of no-mind where "mind" refers to the linear thinking process which is sequential and only able to process one bit of information at at time --- a bit like a single bit computer.

Transpersonal Experiences

Some time ago, I was humbled to become part of a training of young tribal men; the initiation depended on one being able to find one's way through the bush, blindfolded, on the night of a full moon, following the path of someone who had been there before me to recover something that this other had buried ... and then return -- still blindfolded, to the starting point.

When there is no mind, it is possible to "see" through the toes, the fingers and navigate through the body's inbuilt magnetic field sensor; homing pigeons practice this all of the time. It is also possible to "see" the fabrics of the velvet (s'ku) in its different hues and textures.

Western man has lost this because is so busy seeking to prove the mystery that he is unable to enjoy the mystery that he is bathed in .. just as a grain of salt is bathed in the ocean.

Am I "enlightened" ... very simply, what is "enlightenment" .. what are the routemarkers, where is the goal ... and who is to judge? Does it matter?

How does "consciousness" explain that, sitting in my office in Tasmania, I was able to 'tune into' (or a Patenjali would say "enter the body of") a 4 year old child in the UK and write to her mother with information as to which vertebrae in her spinal column were subluxated (and how) .. and she wrote back to inform me that a chiropractor 100% confirmed that accuracy of what I saw? Through this process, the child has been (for the last 2 years) in total remission from epilepsy.

Don't ask me to prove this .. or provide some 'evidence'; very simply, the linear conscious 1 bit mind can only work by comparing 'bits' of information with what it has already experienced and stored as a 'holding pattern' somewhere in the physical-emotional body.

Transpersonal is universal

Deep in the mysteries of the East, various sects talk about the "Siddhi's" .. the seeming 'magical' manipulation of the mental emotional planes .. sometimes callled the "Astral" ... practicing the arts of control of illusion.

Practicing for a purpose or to seek some outcome is the practice of self-delusion.

I remember causing a bit of a problem for one sadguru in Agra ... it did cause a bit of consternation for a number of people (including his assistant) when I joined him at the top of his rope. You're not supposed to be able to see through the 'Indian Rope Trick'.

Its not only the Indian Culture that writes about this; buried deep in the writings of Milarepa, Marpa and others (Tibetan Tantra) there are mentions of states of 'consciousness', awareness and the interwoven threads of the warp and weft of the weave that lies between the firmament that is above and the firmament that is below.

The word "Tantra" itself means nothing more than the warp and weft of the weave of the cloth; the Buddhic and Brahmin 'planes' (as the west likes to call them) are all different 'densities' of 'sku' where the literal translation of the Tibetal 'sku' is "velvet".

Relativism is something which, from experience, I have had to drop; relativism .. the act of relative subjective objective comparison. There are no words to define 'the absolute'

Shelldrake and his Morphogenic Fields got a bit right; Koestler was closer with his philosophy of the 'holon'. All of these "sku's" are all inter-related, interdependent ... and they all involve the process humanly described as homeostasis.

An inability to maintain homeostasis may lead to death or dis-ease (disease) - either of the mind or the body .. or both as Psychoneuroimmunology has discovered.

People look at the Tai Chi --- the Yin-Yang symbol and fail to see what was originally inscribed on the Tortise Shell 5000 or so years ago.

"k'un' is of the earth .. the feminine .. the energy of life; Hindu's derived the name Cunti/Kundi and all its variations that have formed the roots of Country, Kind and Kildare; Kundalini as it is propogated by the purveyors of "authentic Western Guru's" is nothing more than a Tulpa -- far removed from the Sanskrit roots of the word.

But then, the Primordial Feminine the first separation from the void is something that the conscious mind cannot manipulate or control for the simple reason that this one bit computer is nothing more than the product of one's dis-eased feminine .. a feminine that is separated from the Void.

Transpersonal Christianity

Of course, people try to make more than this from the Bible's "Virgin Birth" ... and fail to understand that the discussion in the "Upper Room" is the conflict that all of the mind's archetypes go through when faced with "The Christos".

What is the first commandment?

What do the words "I am the alpha and the omega" mean?

It wasn't 'god' that spoke those words but YHVH .. that which is unpronouncable; correctly parsed, YHWH is the present continuing tense of the verb "to be" ... I AM in the continuence of my being"; 'so-ham', I am that!

Imagine the Yin Yang symbol in three dimensions -- much like an hourglass; one of nature's 'symbols' or mechanisms is the vortex .. we see spirals and circles in nature's form.

If one stands in the hourglass in Yin and looks towards Yang, what does one see; there is the contrasting dot in both the Yin and Yang. What happens when the Yin and the Yang meet? in the Vortex?

"Thou shalt have no Lord higher than me"

But then, the fish that swims up the waterfall is not bothered by the intellectual pursuit of this knowledge.

"Background to the transpersonal notebooks -- of men, minds and fish"
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