Transpersonal Psychology : personal experiences of the differences between Transpersonal Psychology -- and The Psychology of the Transpersonal Experience when personality separations collapse into consciousness

Transpersonal Psychology and Transpersonal Therapy -- personal experiences and perspectives

My personal experience of working with many people in the field of Transpersonal Psychology is that a lot of damage can be done to the psyche by Psychologycategorizing an Experience and labelling a client's experience according to spiritual, religious or quasi-scientific terms and setting it up as "something to beachieved" - thus re-invoking comparison and judgment as boundaries between self and Self.

personal experiences in Transpersonal Psychology

in Transpersonal Consciousness,
all rules collapse and psychology cannot exist where there are no rules

My approach is not to say .. "This is how you get there" (Transpersonal Psychology) but to look at it from the perspective "This is what you already are .. This is how it manifests .. these are the sorts of things you might (or might not) experience ..and here are a few examples of what it might be like for you because this is what it was like for me and I'm OK talking to you about it".

You can't seek it .. all you can do is remove all of the boundaries of thought that stop your understanding The Psychology of Transpersonal ..which is something a little beyond Para Psychology and yet, even that statement is not Transpersonal as there are no words that can embrace the possibilities.

the Psychology of Transpersonal

Perhaps Transpersonal Psychology could better serve humanity by embracing an understanding of the manifestations of these Transpersonal Experiences (which some call "Spiritual Emergence") explaining that the experience (for example) of tasting a sound, seeing the shape and colour of a word, smelling the music is normal as the boundaries between the senses collapse into awareness .. and that's OK and perfectly normal.

In Transliminality, we are living "now" we are "one". We are at that point in consciousness spiritually described as the "Gap in the Ego" - that space between the in-breath and the out-breath - a transitional space where one is in transition yet aware of both the Transients and Transience of the moment.

in this moment, there is eternity ..

And in this space, we see, feel, experience all sorts of shapes and colours - and our own emotions and reactions towards them -all of them past - and we judge them according to our conditioning.

The difficulty is that, for the Psychology of the Transpersonal Self, there is no existent ego for there is nothing for the ego to hold on to. The ego only comes about by separation when one "comes out" of the experience.

compassion born of experience

Unless one has had the Transpersonal experience AND understands it, the best one can aspire to is a purely hypothetical TranspersonalPsychology and the best one can hope for is that the learning somehow gained by the understanding of Transpersonal Psychology will hold as an aid to understanding when the memories of all of these levels collapses into Synesthesia and one experiences a state of consciousness where there are no words.

Suffice it to say that in the Consciousness of the Transpersonal Self, spiritual itself loses all meaning and one understands the etymology of Spirit as being the flow of the breath of all life - Hb "Ruarch" ..

For some, it is a step by step process and, as with any learning, we are also taught to compare .. "how am I going" .."how do I measure up" .. "have I passed this exam" .. "I'll just have a look at the syllabus to see if this fits in with what comes next" ..

Now .. for someone who had this stage of the process taken away (after being catapulted into the Transpersonal Abyss) it can be a little difficult to understand the Cognitive process of some Psychologist or Psychotherapist whose only Knowledge was what he read in the Scriptures under the dichotomy that the "fruits" of this deeply spiritual experience was actually a "blasphemy" against the doctrine or dogma of religion and could get you excommunicated (or even worse).

For the Psychologist him or her self, of course, the deepest Transpersonal Experience is something which could result in your losing the license to practice because, by definition, you are at the very least delusional and at best psychotic.

Yet, once all of these neuroses are got out of the way, one finds that that Consciousness one calls "Transpersonal" is the only true Sanity - and finally, one figures out that you knew this all the time and the regret is that you took so long to loose your mind to come to your senses.

and then, maybe, you may just begin to understand (beyond words) what Transpersonal Psychology doesn't have any words for.

"Transpersonal Psychology and Transpersonal Therapy -- personal experiences and perspectives"
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