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Transpersonal -- the transpersonal experience

The roots of the word Transpersonal come from the Latin - trans (beyond) and persona(personality).

thus, Transpersonal becomes a continually changing perspective or moving point of perception which allows one to see the concept of one's individuality within its relationship to a much larger whole

the big picture is built up of thousands of pieces. Every drop of paint is but one colour combination that fits in with and merges with others to paint a scene.

7 years facilitating my forum (and 15 years working with my own clients and groups) has made it very obvious to me that there are human conditions and experiences which transcend boundaries of cultures, creeds, races and religions.

mission statement

This web site aims to provide a synthesis of human experiences in "Plain English" -  wherepossible, beyond any of the "boxes" that can be labelled by any of the words that may carry memories of their religious origins .. and in a manner that can make personal understanding accessible to as many people as possible

for many people, the spiritual search is merely an attempt to replace one ego with one that another that elevates one's standing.

To describe the Transpersonal in Christian, Buddhist, Jewish or Islamic terms (or in fact to use any words that are "politically correct" according to your personal "tribe") is to remain in an ego-based personality belief system.

This site aims to provide a totally free personal guide for people to do for themselves without the necessity to learn any special words, study anything, or belong to any eclectic group or tribe

To be honest with the Transpersonal Human, you cannot use religious words (whorewords) to explain a transpersonal experience to someone from a communist country or from China or from a village in Africa. My forum embraces 50+ countries and more "spiritual" models than I had ever heard of 7 years ago.

Your experience is only your own when you can put it into your own personal words. This is a form of allowing and acceptance.

Yet, each personal experience is only one perception of a tiny fragment of part of the Picture of Life'sKaleidoscope .. one stepping stone towards what is possible.

Religious words lead to regression and psychosis

There are states of consciousness that are way beyond what every combination of words can describe. Each experience you have is both Personal and Transpersonal.

The Transpersonal Experience is beyond anything mind has any reference point for .. beyond any belief, idea or reaction from a personality - yet it is often perceived by the mind in religious terms because that's the way the mind works.

The Transpersonal or Transcendent experience is potential holding a possibility .. yet, even as themind wrestles with the Transcendent, that experience is past.

Hopefully, this site may provide some answers and explanations that will encourage you totrust and understand your own "Inner Teacher" .. and remove the need to study some specialnomenclature to add to the burden you are already carrying.

the door is already open

"Transpersonal -- the transpersonal experience"
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