abu stood there looking down at me .. the epiphany of an old man with white hair. Around him and emanating from his body was this incredible glow of light

meeting abu : a personal epiphany

He stood there looking down at me .. an ancient. A very black skinned aboriginal type man. An epiphany of old man with white hair. Around him and emanating from his body was this incredible glow of light that I could hardly look at.

I was rising up horizontally from the ground .. still in my sleeping bag .. the ground sheet still draped over me.

I'm not sure who got the biggest surprise .. me or the large possum who had just attempted to use me as a launching pad to jump from the ground to the top of the rock beside which I had lain to sleep. All I could see were these two huge eyes looking directly into mine.

An instant later he jumped off his human elevator onto the rock and I was brought fully awake by the crash when I returned to earth.

Now .. I know it was a possum because there was fresh possum poo (runny type) stuck to the groundsheet when I reawakened in the morning.


It took a moment or two for my eyes to get used to the glare.

He stood there looking down at me .. an ancient. A very black skinned aboriginal type man. An old man with white hair. Around him and emanating from his body was this incredible glow of light that I could hardly look at.

"Oh shit ..Ooooohhh Ssshhhiiitttt ...!".

Now .. I know I said (and did) that because there was fresh human poo (runny kind) stuck to the inside of the sleeping bag when I reawakened in the morning.

Something in my focus shifted and I could see .. there was a circle of light around me .. around him .. emanating from him .. extending in all directions as far as my eyes could see .. yet I could see the eyes so very clearly .. his ancient body was covered with a white ash ..

The kindly eyes spoke to me .. "I am called Abu .." "I am your brother of ages past .. " he began ...

For one of those moments in eternity the interchange between us continued .. then this being reached down and touched me over my heart ..

Abu's form started to dissolve .. spreading upwards into the clear and glistening night sky .. and yet, at the same time dissolving down into the earth beside me .. this was no vision but an opening of seeing that I had never previously experienced ..

I drifted off to sleep again .. a strange, dreamless, peaceful sleep .. and awoke as the first rays of the sun reached over the ocean to touch the rock over my head .. a clear cloudless day.

There was some cleaning up to do .. me, my sleeping bag and the ground sheet .. and as I changed my shirt .. I saw the hand print (which was to persist as a reminder for several days) .. in the centre of my chest .. over my heart.


And then I was out of there .. a little more than one person could handle .. yet it took five hours for me to get my aching body back down the mountain.

The ground around the summit of that mountain was very dry .. but the track down was running with water .. so it had rained.

I got back to the village .. I needed something strong to drink .. at that time, coffee was all I could buy.

The locals were talking about the storm of the last night .. they had more rain in a couple of hours than they usually get in a whole day.

Then I really shook .. two of them started to talk about the glow they saw coming off the top of the mountain at 3 AM which was far brighter than the light of the full moon after the storm had passed.

Now .. I was not about to tell them that I was up there .. camping.. or that it did not rain on the top of the mountain .. and being a country hamlet, I certainly wasn't about to tell them of the epiphany .. or Abu ..

Reality .. Realisation .. Catharsis .. Another urgent trip to the toilet was called for .. and I nearly didn't make it ..

I drove back to Sydney .. and couldn't sleep for the next 4 nights. Not until the hand print had fully faded.

Over the years, I have told a few people in my groups some of my experiences on the mountain .. of how I met my brother .. of his name Abu ..

One day, walking in the centre of Hobart, a lady came up to me with an open book and placed it into my hands. She pointed to a paragraph .. and I read about Abu ...

Catharsis .. some looked at me funny .. others ignored me .. she waited .. This was the first time ever that I had seen that name in print

I looked at the title of the book and the name of the author .. and I knew .. I had to go back to India to meet this Eastern Yogi ..

But, that's another story about kundalini ...

A week after I returned from the mountain, I went to the hospital to see the spinal surgeon who had previously told me that I had to have an operation to place rods in the vertebrae in my back. He examined me, looked at the X-rays, examined me, looked at the X-rays .. scratched his head ...

I was whisked off to X-ray and another set of full spinals taken.

The surgeon came to see me with a bewildered look on his face .. "I know you are the same person, but this is not the same spine. This spine does not need to be operated on ... "

I do have full conscious remembering of the interchange that took place, that night on the mountain with Abu. Part of my journey has been one of making it real in the cells of my physical body.

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"meeting abu : a personal epiphany"
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