heretic : conceived by a Constantine as punishment for reading other than the Vulgate as a Spiritual Text .. or did not follow his decretals; the bastard suffers the pain and psychosis

bastard and heretic

The Rape of Humanity finds its origins in the Doctrine and Dogma of a Religion now perpetuated through the English Translations of other Spiritual Texts through preconceived words which have origins shrouded in Mysticism and a code of Secrecy and Silence.

the name heretic was conceived by a Roman Emperor as grounds for the punishment of anyone who read any books other than the Vulgate as a Spiritual Text .. or obeyed anything other than his decretals

pain and psychosis from the rape of humanity

To understand the origins of the Myths is to totally disempower the Abstract Creator Ideal of a Heavenly Being and bring one crashing down to earth to face the pain resulting from the physical manifestation of the rape of our Innocence, Integrity and Life-force which separated us from our BE-ing.

As children, we were very aware. We did not have the "adult words" to express our awareness. When we tried, it was made very clear that it was not the right thing to do to express our knowing .. and this is the rape of our life-force - the abuse of the essence of our integrity of being - that is built upon by patterns as we grow up.

From a basis of non-integrity - from the foundation of what our parents and society leave us, we depart from a state of "knowing of who we are" (but not having the words) and enter a pathway of finding "an altruistic external vision" of beliefs of our selves that may be acceptable in words to our parents .. or to the other members of a "tribe" from which we are desperately seeking a sense of belonging.

All this because our roots in our own BE-ing and the foundations of our survival were attacked.

So, we leave our bodies to build an "Abstract" - as the only method we have of communication with our parents, society and peers .. an abstract ideal Love that can have no grounding.

baptism and original sin

Many of us were Baptised because we are taught that children are born of Original Sin.

But - what if this is merely a Dogma of Manipulation and Control based on mistranslation of Assyrianpractice of 2500 years BCE - where "sin" was merely the word of the time which translates now into the English words "female or feminine".

Of course you would be born of sin. There aren't too many alive now who were not born of female. This is the Original Birth of the Physical Body.

And what happens immediately after birth is that all of the "stains" the coatings and the other original birth products from the female which come out on the body of the new born are washed away.

But, no. This wasn't mystical enough - and couldn't be used for power, control and manipulation. TheInfant had to be Baptised by a Priest (instead of washed by a midwife) to erase Original Sin fromwhich it was born when it separated from its mother who was made to feel evil because she bore a"child from Hell".

Here again, the English corruptions of the original German fail to tell us the "Hell" is a varianton the name of a German Goddess of Fertility, Death and Rebirth - "Frau Holle".

devaluation of the femine and 'mother'

By taking the infant from the roots of its being and making those roots very wrong, the concept of Mother is devalued and Father is made an Altruistic Being or "God" in the Abstract to whom one must ever be a sacrifice - because that is what Mother went through to bring the infant alive into the world.

Of course, it must be remembered that in the tribal times, the definition of the child was, in most cases, not by a father's name, but from the name of the female from whom that child was born.

The Rape of Sacramental Baptism reawakens and adds to the cellular predisposition to the pain andsuffering experienced by our ancestors in the Name of Religion.

For many, the later Sacraments taken at 7 years and at puberty - when the birth recall is at its strongest - are merely a confirmation and a reminder that you have been committed to the life of an "out of body puppet" of the Abstract - always searching for Home and a meaning for your life and the reason for your physical suffering.

eternal damnation

This is the Eternal Damnation that sees you reincarnate, Lifetime after Lifetime - searching for Heaven in Earth and returning to your search for God in Abstract - the relationship with whom you defend as your very reason for existence because of the pain associated with the Code of Silence surrounding the truth -

That you have been torn from your Mother who, suffering the curse of Religion and the grief of that separation tries to cling relentlessly to a hope of re-union to both the Child who has been made a Bastard - and the unreachable Father

That, in today's Society you have been torn from your biological father by Mother's subservience to her own obsession with Salvation in the Abstract

That, as a result, male carries a resentment and a grief that stagnates and corrupts his life-force - and for those who cannot cope, he strikes out against any symbol of the thief.

So, based on the corruption of ancient myth to suit the needs for power and control of a few, a hierarchical tier of Terrorism has been created and perpetuated - generation after generation.

there are two kinds of pain.

There is the kind of pain we have to go through to bring pain to an end - and this is the release of pain that is stored in the body ..

and there is the kind of pain that leads only to the continuation of pain. In the sense of worthlessness, this is the essence of martyrdom, service, self-sacrifice or addiction to the Abstract because the "Code of Silence" must be maintained .. otherwise you are a heretic or blasphemer .. and psychosis is the result.

Those who are unwilling to endue and are not accepting of the first kind of pain are doomed to endure the second.

This willingness and accepting only requires a change in perception and a release of the Abstract Creator (god) from the definition of your Reality to return to a Wholeness which can only be found within the Unified Field of Self.

The Transpersonal is beyond any religious doctrine or dogma

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"bastard and heretic"
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