An introduction to the freedom of the experience of Love and the Transpersonal Self.

Freedom -- just another word for nothing left to lose

are the words from a popular song ...

Freedom is a space where there are no attachments to anyone and anything .. or, at the very least where you are in the realisation that anything that means anything to you is a figment of your imagination and a product of your own needs; it is knowing the true nature of impermanence.

Those who have known and faced death often have a profound, life-changing realisation of this ..

Its about choice ..
why you do what you do ..
what you choose to experience in this life ..
its about not having any hope, fear or expectation of any outcome for anything that you do or say ...

its about being able to live every moment in your life as though it doesn't not matter if you die before, during or after it.

Its about not having any loose ends for other to 'clean-up" after you (except their attachments to you)

Its a state of being ...

its about being able to live totally in THIS moment ...

When read in this context, the Tibetan book of Living and Dying makes a very different sense .. as a treatise on the "Nature of Impermanence"

We've been conditioned into "what matters to other people" ..
personal and society values (including religious beliefs) have done a very good job of brain washing us into becoming robotic or moronic ..
de-humanised puppets of forces that we are no longer conscious of.

Unconditional Love
and the Transpersonal Self

There are no words to describe the unconditional love of the 'transpersonal self'; it can be experienced, but that experience cannot be described without the limitation of the self that is trying to understand what just happened.

If the experience is absorbed without limitation, then every subsequent experience will probe even deeper depths.

Love and Self

"Freedom -- just another word for nothing left to lose"
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