a guide to the understanding of the principles of masculine, feminine and their Union .. nonduality, the Tao, Tantra, YHVH, Yoga etc

Masculine and Feminine -- the primordial principles

It has been known for thousands of years that there is an interacting, dynamic, asymmetrical binary relationship which is the fundamental order of homeostasis in the cosmos and that this relationship underlies all phenomena in nature.

All levels of all existence occurs in duality and, that the relationship (with which most are familiar) between masculine and feminine is the basis of all existence.

All spiritual and mystical texts and philosophies make constant reference to the concept of a duality of existence, polarities of masculine and feminine in homeostasis, inter-dependant, inter-related and co-dependant.
The Christian Bible describes the first separation from the nonduality of Adam into Adamand Eve representing the polarities of Masculine and Feminine;
The Tao adds to the Bible's nonduality of Life represented by the interaction of Heaven(masculine) and Earth (feminine) and the Tai-Chi comprising the homeostasis of yin and yang
The recordings of what is called Tantra go back to the rock carvings ofthe Sumerians - about 6000BCE - and are also seen in the records of the pre-tibattan Bonn civilization. Now, the Sanskrit word Tantra transliterates as The Weft and Warp (duality) of the Weave (nonduality) - as in the directions of thethreads that go to make up the cloth we wear.
if one of these subjective pairs (dualities) did not exist, neither would the cloth (nonduality). 

masculine, feminine and their union

A coin does not exist unless it has a two obverse sides - "head" and a "tail" and the same metal fills all dimensions and impressions.

Some difficulty in understanding the concepts arises because "one" is not singular, but plural .. a collective, infinite one-ness, a field that contains all things but can be also called no-thing or nonduality.
As a starting point nonduality can be written as | 0 | which means it is an infinite field whose sum of all positive and negative aspects is zero ... yet which may contain infinite pairs of positives and negatives.

another way of illustrating this statement is 
| +A |  <>  | -A |  =  | 0 |
This is One - 
the Tao - the Way of All-Things - Yin and Yang
the Void -  the Eternal Silence - YH and VH
and to the casual observer, appearing as a "Black Hole".

"First there was the eternal Tao; From One came two .. "

Now, in the olden days, the only concepts man had which were familiar and could metaphorically describe these "opposite fields" were Male and Female ..masculine and feminine. But, neither of these dual pairs could exist singularly as an absolute nonduality.

So, for this first separation, we have
| Androgyny |  =  | Male |  <>  | Female |
| Nonduality |  =  | Masculine |  <>  | Feminine |
| Creation |  =  | Heaven |  <>  | Earth |
| Life |  =  | Consciousness |  <>  | Form (matter) |
Spiritually and Religion sometimes express this in terms which may be familiar to some as
Adam Kadmon (Humanity) = Adam (Male) <> Eve (female)
Tai-Chi (The Tao) = Yin (Female) <> Yang (Male)
YHVH (un-nameable) = Yod (Female) <Hey> Vod (Male)
| YHVH |  =  | Y |  <H> | V |
Ram (R'dra) = Shiva (male) <> Shakti (female)
Hebrew also uses words <Ab> and <Em> with some variations according towhether Aramaic got in the way .. 
| The Unpronounceable |  =  | In breath |  <>  | Out breath
  • From this, "God" of all of the monotheistic religions is referred toas Masculine or Father and is both creator and destroyer.

the Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity is nothing more than the complete nonduality or understanding of the expression that the Absolute (god), Brahmin, Atman, Consciousness, Buddha Mind | 0 |is the interpenetration and homeostasis of
     all polarities biased towards the Masculine whose sum is |+A |
with Feminine
       all polarities biased towards the Feminine whose sum is |-A |

Nonduality, The Union of the Masculine and Feminine dualities is the essence of Sacred Tantra - yet it is not a Union but a continual interchange of energies - as in homeostasis.

Transcendence (The Way of the Tao) is the Awareness of this Holy Trinity ofthe First Cause (nonduality) continually giving way to yet, at the same time containing,this first separation of both Masculine and Feminine in homeostasis .. such thatLife It-Self is the homeostatic relationship between form (or matter) and consciousness.

Observation cannot exist without an observer and an observed .. so, the tree falling in the forest cannot make a sound unless there is someone there to hear that sound .. and humanity's concept of "God" would not exist without the human genome.

Which, Spiritually (and therapeutically) also means that
your spirit can NEVER exist on its own -- without your body.

looking back at
Transpersonal Theory

the texts of every religion and spirituality describes the principles of Transpersonal Theory .. but, it is only looking back from the transpersonal into the personal that the Transpersonal can be fully understood as what is left when words and language no longer exist

Transpersonal Theory notebook

"Masculine and Feminine -- the primordial principles"
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