an exploration and definition of the principles of duality, nonduality, and homeostasis in the play of consciousness as a basis for understanding Transpersonal psychology

Duality and Nonduality -- homeostasis and the play of consciousness

Transpersonal provides the challenge to give expression to our understanding of the dynamic principles of duality and nonduality
in the language of today.

Duality defines fundamental order as | either <> or |
sees | both = and |

Duality and non-duality : the play of consciousness

At each level of complexity, life consists of two interdependent, non-identical (masculine and feminine) polarities in homeostasis, dynamic interaction and integral relation to each other.

  • Nonduality integrates all singular perspectives or points of view into a comprehensive whole where there is no observed, no observer and no observation.
  • Duality chooses one perspective or point of view above or to the exclusion of its opposite polarity.
    In duality, there are 3 principles at work: the observer, the observed and the act of observing
  • nonduality is a time-space perception of homeostasis beyond the duality between existence and non-existence

Homeostasis of Masculine and Feminine

  • Homeostasis implies a continual but changing balance, equilibrium,metamorphosis through a continual interchanging (giving and receiving) process
  • The human expressions of homeostasis ( the dynamics of existence) change following simpleand predictable principles, but the dynamics themselves do not change.
  • The homeostatic relationship between the masculine and feminine principles is the most fundamental concept in life consciousness.

Duality and non-duality : Consciousness and Life

  • Consciousness, thus is the homeostasis or the interchange process of metamorphosis or osmosis (information transfer) between matter (feminine polarity) and its environment (masculine polarity)>
  • The fundamental process of all life rests on a simple decision in Consciousness: Does the nondual relationship in homeostasis between theduality of the masculine and feminine principles support the absolute nonduality
  • Life It Self then, is the process of establishing and maintaining  that absolute nonduality.
  • Existence (nonduality) can only BE because of Duality expressed as Masculine and Feminine Principles.
  • Evolution is the result of dis-ease (a masculine-feminine duality imbalance) and is the manifestation of this imbalance in form leading to mutation of thefeminine principle in an attempt to find absolute homeostasis with a changing masculine principle or environmental change.
  • The evolving human consciousness "out there" is the reflection (masculine principle) of what is going on "in here"(feminine principle) .. a chain reaction of fractal evolution - homeostasis between matter andenergy which obeys simple principles - a "both/and" situation.

It is interesting to note that if we remove the nucleus (or brain) of a simple cell, it will still carry on its function of creating protein molecules which either defend it against a non-supportive environment or draw sustenance from those elements of the environment which are supportive.

On this very simple function of the basic building block of all life rests all judgment,discernment, duality .. all separation. It has nothing to do with mind.

In other words ... If the whole human genome was to be destroyed, God, as defined by the mind of Man, would cease to exist.

looking back at
Transpersonal Theory

the texts of every religion and spirituality describes the principles of Transpersonal Theory .. but, it is only looking back from the transpersonal into the personal that the Transpersonal can be fully understood as what is left when words and language no longer exist

Transpersonal Theory notebook

"Duality and Nonduality -- homeostasis and the play of consciousness"
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