a brief introduction to the Lone Path as a journey into Transpersonal Therapy

Taking the lone path

The thing about the Lone Path is that the primordial feminine principle
and the energy of Life of the cells of your physical bodyis telling you the answer to the oft asked question.

The simple answer is ...

A Journey into Transpersonal Therapy

Now, some people catch on real quick and accept that they have had an awakening.

Others want to argue with themselves by using their mind to create all sorts of obstacles for themselves to overcome so that they fit into what is considered "normal" ... in other words, what manyof the books say.

So, they study Transpersonal Psychology .. get some transpersonal therapy.. or something else ...

What people seem to forget .. the energy of the cells - Kundalini, is also the energy of the"mind-stuff" or brain with which they are trying to invent or judge their Spiritual Progress. However, their own "energy of Life" has the last laugh.

the lone path is as hard on you as you make it

So, the harder you make it for yourself, the longer the process is going to take .. and the more stuff you are going to have to process and the more help you are going to think you need to explain the Transpersonal Experiences that you are having -- when all that is necessary to to unconditionally accept yourself, as you are in this eternal moment ....

and then get on with Living Life because the Cosmic Joke is that Enlightenment is NEVER complete and Awakening .. or "Spiritual Emergence" is just your call to wake yourself up to "chopping wood and carrying water"

What you are searching for is you in the act of searching .. and the other Cosmic Joke is that, just as a knife cannot cut itself the ego I cannot see itself .. except in the reflection of Life byseparating from Life.

Very simply put ... the degrees of the Transpersonal, Kundalini, Enlightenment or Awakening are defined by your need to keep yourself separate from Life .. the ego's need to be better than, less worthy than ...

but, the moment you realise that YOU ARE IT, there is no "I" to have that realisation ... and, onlythen, can you really understand what "Transpersonal" means as you look back into it ...

but, looking back, you think you have gone nuts.

You can't buy IT, you cant do a course to learn IT, you can't have someone give IT to you ... but the little I that's having all of those thoughts can give up its ghost and recognise that the thing it is thinking with is the thinker in the act of thinking ...

You don't surrender TO anyone or anything.

What your surrender is all of your hopes and fears, wants and desires, needs and expectations ... because they are all the product of a mind stuff (brain) that has been separated from ITself and in the infinity of Life, it is the energy of the Feminine Principle, the LifeForce of the Cells of the physical body that separates Physical Life from Death ...

that "Supreme Self" that you are looking for ...
well, there isn't one
except as an illusion
a figment of your own imagination.


What I see and feel as other
is a reflection of my separation from Life

(and, simplicity can never be overwhelmed).

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Transpersonal Therapist

Transpersonal therapy is the therapy of integration. A transpersonal therapist can only walk with you as far as they have walked on their own transpersonal journey .. books and courses can only provide road maps. I have walked many miles in other people's shoes

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"Taking the lone path"
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